What are the costs to set up a chair massage program?

We tailor our pricing based on the individual company’s needs and preferences, so pricing fluctuates. See our standard pricing table to get an idea of what the costs would be for you.

What payment plans are acceptable?

Corporate chair massage programs can either be paid for entirely by your company or partly financed. The choice is up to you. Read the benefits of both programs here .

Is it acceptable to have employees pay for massages?

Employee-paid massages are not recommended for various reasons, including lower morale results and efficacy of the program altogether. However we do run several employee-subsidized programs in which both employer and employee take upon part of the financial responsibility as a way of helping your company stay on budget.

How do we pay for our corporate massage program?

We accept company check, ACH transfers, or cash on the day services are rendered. Whatever is most comfortable for your company. We can work out a payment plan for your regularly scheduled programs.

Should I reserve more than one practitioner?

That depends on how many employees you expect to take part in the program. Our practitioners can generally service 3-4 people every hour. Depending on the size of your staff and the number of hours you want the program to run for, you can calculate how many massage therapists you want to reserve for your program.

How much space do you need? 

Since our chairs are designed to take up minimal space, we can really set up anywhere you like. If you have an empty office or meeting room, that is great. Otherwise, we can even set up shop in an unused cubicle or corner of the office.

Do you host regularly scheduled programs, say weekly or monthly?

Absolutely! The Holistic Concept caters to regular weekly and monthly sessions, and in fact, we’ll even work out discounted fees for regularly scheduled sessions. Speak to one of our representatives to discuss your scheduling options and amended pricing plans. And remember that because we have multiple trainers, you can always request a specific massage therapist or try out a new practitioner if you want a change in pace.

What about service contracts?

Many of our customers have open-ended contracts with us. As with our weekly and monthly scheduled programs, on-going contracts are subject to discount pricing, so be in touch with us to discuss your options. Whether it’s Shiatsu, Yoga, Nutritional Counseling, or a combination of any of our services, The Holistic Concept is here to provide the deep relaxation and wellness services tailor-made for your exact needs.

Who do you employ as your staff members? 

Each of our consultants, massage therapists, trainers, and counselors are fully certified to practice massage in Israel. They come fully insured and are put through a series of screening procedures before being hired. We also conduct a full in-person interview so that we can judge the competence, character, and personality of each employee accurately.

Additionally, our trainers and massage therapists regularly undergo refresher courses and training seminars to keep up to date and fully skilled in their area of expertise. In short, you can trust that our staff is trained, courteous, and professional, ready to accommodate your every need.

Can we set up and pay for an annual contract?

Yes! In fact, we will provide a 10% discount to any client that wishes to pay for the entire year up front.

What is the minimum program requirement?

The Holistic Concept offers contracts for a minimum of two-hour sessions. This is to ensure that the expenses and time of travel is covered by the program costs.

Are gift cards available?

Absolutely. A Holistic Concept gift certificate makes the ideal gift for business associates, partners, or as reward incentives for employees who are doing a great job.