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On-Site Chair Massage

Statistically proven to work, corporate chair massage programs will improve employee morale, increase productivity, and offer a cost-efficient way to tell your employees you appreciate their jobs well done.

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Pilates focuses more on the physical exercises that will ultimately bring inner and outer balance for greater mental awareness and physical ease. This system works to strengthen your core, improve flexibility, and help with posture.

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Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese therapy that uses the healing touch of pressure points, holds, and massage to alleviate minor and major aches and pains, as well as relieve emotional stress and tension that is trapped in the body.



Known as meditation in motion, Tai-Chi incorporates mindful stretching with physical exercises in the form of a non-violent martial art that actually improves flexibility, balance, control, and general fitness. This practice has its origins all the way back in the Taoist monasteries.


Yoga is a unique discipline that incorporates controlled breathing, basic meditation techniques, and simple body stances that are designed to relax the body and awaken the mind to give it full control.

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Nutritional Counseling

Our nutritional counseling services will help you set and achieve attainable health goals for a more balanced lifestyle and maintainable healthful habits. Counseling includes a variety of services including diet and menu planning, fitness workouts, and even cooking classes.


Concert & Backstage Massage

Because performance anxiety is something that most performers struggle with, The Holistic Concept offers backstage massage sessions so your artists can get on stage tension-free.

Full-Body Massage

If you appreciate the healing and restorative effects of a chair massage, just imagine what a full-body massage will do for your mind, body, and spirit! Full-body massages bring the entire experience to the privacy and comfort of your home, on your schedule.


Here are some of the ways to integrate a corporate chair massage program into your company:

  • Offer weekly or bi-monthly chair massages to staff
  • Quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly Wellness Fairs and education programs
  • Crunch time/deadline employee support
  • Tax time/year end or seasonal employee support
  • As a perk for a sales contest
  • Gifts to customers
  • Employee recognition – Administrative Professionals Day
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Company Parties, Picnics and/or Sports Tournaments
  • Trade Shows, Events and Conferences
  • Overall Wellness

Next Steps...

The possibilities are endless, so start your company’s Wellness Plan today!